Thursday, September 4

Goodbye, and hello!

Friends, family, subscribers:

In case you missed the memo, I've moved! Not only from NJ to Greensboro, but my blog location as well. Catch it here:

I thought it was time for a fresh start. I'll be really digging into some deeper blogging -- not sure what about, but different features and pieces to challenge myself as I try to grow as a writer and as a follower of Jesus.

You all have been an incredibly supportive community of readers: cousins, homeschool Shakespeare friends, college classmates and professors, and coworkers. And randos! I have a special place in my heart for random readers I don't even know.

I would be honored if you all continued to follow my new blog -- you can subscribe at the bottom of the homepage by email or by snagging the link and putting it in your blog reader of choice.

Thanks for everything -- I think I've had this blog since I was 16? That's a long time. And now it's time for something new. See you over there!

xoxo Jo

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